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"I have experienced the talent of Camilla Ueberschaer for over 4 years, as both performer and teacher. She is a musician, singer, and teacher of exceptional ability. We desperately need more teachers such as Frau Ueberschaer to assist in reestablishing the principles & concepts of the Old Italian & Swedish Italian Schools. I could recommend Frau Ueberschaer as a clear teacher of Old World vocal concepts."
David Jones, International Vocal Pedagogue - November 2008

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  • Erarbeitung von Lesungen
  • Vorbereiten von Musiktheater-Dialogen
  • In Zusammenarbeit mit Dr. Gunter Selling

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"I met Camilla Ueberschaer and since then we've been working together. After a couple of lessons I decided spontaneously to move to Munich because I felt it was the right thing to do. Since then my life has changed very much. I found access to my voice again, regained control over it - I'm simply so happy about the situation as it is now. Camilla is the best teacher I've ever had. She is both a great singer and such an analytical mind that she's able to explain what she does in a very clear and understandable way."
Julia Schulz, Sopran - Dezember 2009


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